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Final Fantasy ABC

an alphabetical final fantasy icon challenge

Final Fantasy ABC Icon Challenge
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Welcome to FF ABC! This is an icontest for all Final Fantasy subjects, with one catch.
Each week, you'll be given a letter of the alphabet (starting with A of course) and you'll have to make an icon that somehow incorporates that letter. It can be a word, a character, or a theme (so long as it makes sense).

[X]Mod And Banner Maker Schedule

¤ You must be a member to participate.
¤ All icons must be made using official Final Fantasy media.
¤ Fanart and doujinshi are not allowed under any circumstances.
¤ All icons must be LJ-compatible; 100x100 pixels and 40kb or less.
¤ All icons must be new and fresh for each challenge (no reusing old icons)
¤ No showcasing your icons anywhere until after the challenge is over. this includes LJ Scrapbook.
¤ You must use your own image host. Photobucket, ImageShack, and the like can all be used; LJ userpics and Scrapbook cannot as they are public.
¤Do not steal or copy anyone else's icons and enter them.

¤ Monday: A new contest is posted. You have until Sunday to enter.
¤ Sunday-Wednesday-Winners: Voting.
¤ Wednesday-Winners: Winners announced.

¤ submissions run Monday to Sunday
¤ when submitting, include the image, URL, character/game, and how your icon relates to the letter of the week:

FFX : Valefor

¤ voting runs Monday to Wednesday.
¤ votes will be for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, as well as a Mod's Choice.
¤ votes should be left in a comment to the designated post. all votes will remain screened.
¤ voting will be kept fair and honest. any attempt to cheat will be noted, and the guilty parties warned and/or banned.

¤ Mods-
Suwaner-Main Mod
Margyydoodle --Co-Mod

¤ Banner Makers-
Custom Banners

¤ If you like to become a affiliate,then comment Here!
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¤ Become A Affiliate?
¤ Image Gallery Links
¤ Moderator & Banner Maker Schedule

¤ disclaimer: no one here claims to own any bits or pieces of anything in the Final Fantasy world (though we'd probably like to). we're just in it for the hot boys, awesome storylines, and pimpass graphics.

¤ Credit To profile layout:Orlandogirl@Twistedcuteness